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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

It has never been easy for me to write about myself, my accomplishments, my set backs, fortunes or failures. Since wedding planning is about our couples, highlighting them and their big day seems to come easy to me, talking about myself not so much.

I attended a Re Ignite Woman's Conference this weekend and one of my biggest take aways was that I needed to be more present on my social media. Yes, I share beautiful pictures daily, have amazing reviews, have some pretty cool stories to share, but do you know me, the name behind the brand? So, I have challenged myself to share more about me, my business, my tight circle of friends, my failures and my successes. I want you to know the authentic raw and real version of myself.

I get asked a lot why I became a wedding planner, so here you go....


I am a workaholic. If you asked me 15 years ago where I saw myself in 2020, I would probably answer CEO of a restaurant company; most likely the same one I worked with for 20 years. I was happy, I was successful, I was selfish with my time, and I was living my best life, so I thought. I did not think I would be married or have children, and at the time I really was content with that. I lived for my job, and that was enough for me.

Well life has a funny way of throwing curveballs am I right? In 2011, I got married, moved from NYC to Idaho to Texas and we got pregnant. We had a miscarriage, and several more. In 2014, we were blessed with Brody. Talk about rocking your world! It was time for me to re evaluate my career choices, because being away from this miracle baby of ours was not an option. I started consulting with restaurants, opened 2 new restaurant concepts but was still unable to balance the work home life as a "mompreanuer". Then I got a call from one of my old friends who had opened up a new wedding venue, and needed someone to manage it. It was going to be a weekend, Saturday only gig, and who doesn't love a wedding right? Little did I know how this little "side gig" would open my eyes to a career path I was destined for.

I met with a wedding planner to kind of get a grasp on this role I was stepping into, in my head I seriously thought: "This lady is so full of herself, had horrible taste, lacked customer service and was less than pleasant to be around." That same woman said I did not have what it took to be a wedding planner. UM CHALLENGE ACCEPTED....I NOW WANTED TO BE A WEDDING PLANNER, but if I was going to be a part of this world I needed to be the opposite of her. I am forever grateful for that experience, and in reality it taught me what not to do. I quickly went from managing the venue, to coordinating their weddings, and then getting asked to plan and coordinate weddings outside of the venue. I found a love of planning events. It is a glorious feeling to be a part of such a special day in someone's life. I used to joke that I'm the most non wedding planner planner out there. I was able to start my own company, find a work/home life balance, and do something that I absolutely LOVE.

MORAL OF THE STORY, your plans can change. And if you trust in those changes not can lead to more exciting things in your future! I think my career in hospitality and restaurants gives me a unique edge to planning weddings, and although this was not the direction I ever imagined for myself, I know it is my calling. My path from NYC resident, single woman, corporate partner to a suburban housewife, "mompreauner" in a soccer mom SUV has not always been as pretty as my Instagram feed, however I look forward to sharing more of that with you!

To explain the photos below left to right top to bottom

- Brody and Mommy date in PJs of course

- Brodys first swim

- That look we get when someone tells us we cant do something

- NYC/Long Island management team goes to the theater

- Team training trip, we went ziplining, white water rafting and I might have jumped into the lake after this picture.

- Midtown team training. They are teaching a blindfolded server how to put on pantyhouse without being able to touch him or tell him what he has in his hands.

- Me doing my thing!

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